Monday, May 13, 2013


Spring has been a busy time for us.  After our allergies have settled down somewhat it seems like there has been a flurry of activities to keep us busy.  Boy Scouts has had many events planned that fill our weekends and I have been finishing my first semester of school  Needless to say the excitement I had in the beginning was beginning to wane in the last week.  I thought of stopping and then decided to take a full load for summer because I am just a glutton for punishment.  Really I know if I stop I probably won't start back since it was such a pain getting started. I will keep trudging along as long as God provides a way.  My son was baptized and it was an awesome blessing.  He listens to his Bible on a ipod type device everynight and follows along with his reading.  He has almost finished the entire Old Testament.  This will serve him well in life and luckily I am taking that as one of my classes for summer so I am sure he will be a big help.  He starts high school next year and I can hardly believe it.  I am longing to get my house caught up and presentable again after many months of neglect and I want to plant some flowers and make a basket.  I did actually start a book this week and I want to spend time enjoying that.  I also started to walk with a friend that I had lost touch with and I know that will boost my mood and spirits more than anything.  I feel like after a terrible March and beginning of April things are finally starting to look normal and doable again.  I feel so much better when the weather changes and things are in order.   I look forward to trying to keep my blog more up to date so I can remember these times.

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